My Week at SoundCloud
Matthew Liam Healy

Terrible to read and sorry to hear.

As a creator, I paid for SoundCloud for about 2 years and then suddenly stopped, and since never paid again. SoundCloud for years has been losing money from creators, and they’re always trying to“re-focus” their service for the creators. But, it’ll never work.

Many years ago, they began taking music down by sending creator notices. I presume most of it comes from an algorithm repository system. The takedown notices got so massive that artists and small labels (the creators) begun complaining about SoundCloud within their communities. This happened on a LARGE scale and within all genres. Within time, I remember at one point that I have begun reading about it on forums to Facebook within EDM to indie rock to Ambient. How the hell was this possible? I couldn’t believe it as I enjoyed the SoundCloud service myself.

A good amount of the takedowns were uploads of originals to remixes, to remakes, and edits, to simple melodies, to production elements. Eventually, the worst happened when artists couldn’t upload their own music anymore that was signed (even by smaller labels) and received notices that the songs were removed. This also happened when your song was featured on mixes and such. This was creative promotion, and we were losing listeners! Reaching to the masses, gone. It created a long-term wild fire. Initially, SoundCloud took off because artists (creators) could share their content quickly and on a massive scale and it was cool. SoundCloud removed that from creators and within years, STILL, one can feel the wave of a bad business decision that will eventually become the death of SoundCloud. A prolonged, but unstoppable death.

You just got hired at the wrong time. Happens to the best of us, and once more sorry to hear. Take this misfortune and turn it into an opportunity, it’ll work! And good luck with the future!

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