Schengen Scenes

Before I continue with the content of this blog, I’d like to wish a very special woman a happy 24th birthday.

Lauren Kaufmann: Boss, Corgi-lover, Statue high-fiver
PC Annabelle Blackburn (oui?)

To my favorite squirrel-baby, fellow Quaker, dream spinner, and joyous human being, I wish you the happiest of birthdays. I’ve been thinking about selling those red pants to a consignment store, but that would be heresy. Plus, who would buy them? Can’t wait to celebrate with you tomorrow in London.

From infinity, to infinity.


It’s official: I’ve now been in Europe, specifically the Schengen Area, for two weeks. I can’t complain that I haven’t received stamps for several countries I’ve visited due to this agreement; it’s incredible that I’ve been here for fourteen long considering all that I’ve done. As I was walking around Prague yesterday (on a perfectly sunny Sunday, no less), I took stock of some of the highlights of my trip so far. They’re pretty damn amazing:

These are just the highlights skimmed off the top of a phenomenal two weeks. I think the best way to share how I’ve spent my time in Europe so far is to share scenes I’ve captured on my iPhone along the way, some of which I’ve shared on Facebook and Instagram in real-time. I’ve also taken pictures on a Fujifilm camera, will I’ll share at a future date (once I can procure a SD card reader).

Hopefully these pictures will help bring you all along on my trip. Click on a picture to make it larger.

Reykjavík, Iceland

Basel, Switzerland

Sitges, Spain

Barcelona (and environs), Spain

Prague, Czech Republic

I’m off to London tomorrow for some jolly good times with Lauren Kaufmann and Annabelle Blackburn. Until then, I’ll be exploring the Jewish section of Prague and trying to find ways to spend my Czech crowns (it’s difficult, really).

Drop a note if you have any questions about the pictures, or what I’ve been up to!

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