The failure that was The International 2018 Dota 2 Secret shop

When attending The International Dota 2 in Vancouver, Canada, I was blown away by what an awesome production. The arena was exceptionally well decorated, and gave the event an entire different atmosphere and feeling compared to Key Arena in Seattle.

What disappointed me was the lack of quality merchandise at the event, specifically when it came to new designs and ideas for clothing. Many of the fans like myself were annoyed that not only was the shop going to be limited, but was also offering previous designs from their last secret shop.

I was so frustrated, that I went out and made my own. I spoke with a series of different content creators that were at the event, and they too wished that the process of getting their designs onto quality clothing was getting increasingly difficult.

Speaking with more people over a cold beverage, the idea gained merit and I set about searching for different artists and people within the scene. I also envisioned some of my own ideas, drawing from retro visiting posters for The Dire and The Radiant.

Although the selection is small, I’m slowly building up more designs and also have a really quick delivery on it. I’m really happy with the quality, and want to add more as it expands. I may not have all of the heroes yet, but one day :D You can even suggest who we should focus on next here.

Until next time Dota fans. Thanks for reading.