I can’t be the only person in this world who thinks that the colors red, white, and blue are now completely different shades than when I was a child.

The red is now symbolic of the inconceivable amounts of blood shed in the name of cheap oil and spreading our imperialistic brand of democracy and capitalism to foreign lands.

The white reminds me of the hair and skin color of all the rich old men who decide all of our fates, whether it be the denial of a woman’s reproductive rights, the regulation and prohibition of ideas they find unfavorable, all the way to waging senseless wars for profit while promoting the idea that its all in the name of national security and defending freedom.

The blue represents the cloudless sky that children of the middle east are terrified of, as predator drones wreak havoc from the heavens. They no longer find comfort in clear skies as these flying unmanned terminators threaten their very existence from overhead with ZERO regard for civilian casualties/collateral damage.

Fuck your flag. Fuck your bald eagle. Fuck your fucking ignorance.

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