I cannot find / see any changes to the API.. Is that documented somewhere?
Philipp Temminghoff

I was waiting for someone to ask :D

The reason for this is because I’m currently in the middle of migrating all of our docs to a new platform and haven’t finished this task yet.

You can see what’s been moved (for v3) and what has been created on v4 so far here: https://themoviedb.api-docs.io/4

Basically, lists are the first set of methods for our new version 4. API wise for lists, the methods are stable. I won’t however commit to the data being 100% locked in though. I have a big blog post about this coming out soon, at that time when all of this goes public it will be 100% locked and ready.

In the meantime feel free to peruse around and see what the v4 lists stuff looks like.

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