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Today the smart devices in our lives are all integrated with voice recognition software. It’s on your phone “Hey Siri!” and it’s in your smart speaker “Alexa!” The ubiquity of these devices makes for powerful marketing opportunities for voice-enabled brands to build deep and personal engagement with their audience.

The numbers don’t lie. According to a 2018 study in collaboration with National Public Radio and Edison Research:

Weird illustration

All the geeks and dropouts from grade school and college are today’s changemakers. These unaverage trendsetters who buck convention and question standards are succeeding in an ocean of copycats and me-too's. When everyone else looks and sounds the same, your unique brand can rise above by embracing what makes you and your audience weird.

5 non-standard ways to communicate your brand.

Stock photo illustration

Visuals are a powerful expression of your brand story that should be thoughtfully crafted and curated to ensure your brand is effectively portrayed. Stock images are so ubiquitous today that they often fail to capture the true essence of the brands they represent. Photography can be a fantastic tool to tell your brand story, but combing through the billions of stock photos to find the gems can be a real hassle. Try one of our stock image alternatives to supercharge your visual messaging.

You’ve seen these before.

There’s the group of happy coworkers leaping in the air for joy. There’s the active grandparent running…

Print marketing illustration

Digital natives might perceive print as antiquated, but the tactile sensation of a printed piece yields a more intimate experience than a cluster of pixels ever could. Print marketing is alive and well. Its purpose and relevance have simply changed in the digital age, and your business can take full advantage of this forgotten medium.

Reasons to give print marketing a chance.

Online Community illustration

Remember when social media was for connecting people, not getting sold to by advertisers? Ad targeting has corrupted the original intent of the mega social platforms, but a modern brand need not engage in traditional advertising to leverage the value of these channels. Your brand can take full advantage of social platforms in a way that builds trust and engagement with down-to-earth online community building.

Community is about a feeling of belonging.

People don’t want to be treated like walking cash registers waiting to hand over their paychecks to the first ad that grabs their attention. Not surprisingly, they want to be treated like people. Especially in…

Positive workplace illustration

In today’s purpose economy, employees want more from their work than a paycheck. Personal fulfillment and purpose are critical metrics that every professional deserves from their work. By cultivating a positive workplace where your business objectives and your team‘s’ satisfaction are aligned, your business will be on a course for happy growth.

The new employee-employer relationship.

Today’s healthy teams are built on a foundation of mutual respect. Employees bring valuable skills to bare, and in turn, they expect their employer to validate those skills and help them grow as professionals. …

Living brand illustration

Today’s best brands have a heart and brain that we call a living brand. They function strategically, empathize humanly, and listen consciously. In a crowded and competitive ecosystem, these brands pivot and adapt to the needs of their employees, customers, and competitors. Their success is a result of careful listening, strategic messaging, and relentless engagement.

What is a living brand?

A living brand according to Michael Jager of Solidarity (the guy who trademarked the term) is “the ability of a brand to adapt and evolve while retaining its integrity and differentiation… A Living Brand relates to its audience through a balancing of rational, emotional, and…

Honest branding illustration

We live in a world of infinite choice. Today’s consumers increasingly expect transparency and authenticity from the brands they follow. Just look at the fallout experienced by Facebook whose meteoric rise has been rocked by a year of data scandals. Brands who mislead are easily found, but an honest brand can surge ahead of their competition by telling their truth.

Honest marketing for small businesses.

Marketing should be baked right into your business from the onset, and it might as well be raw, truthful, and relatable. Blind allegiance to the mega brands is on the wane as consumers seek unique and intimate experiences from their…

Project management illustration

In a lengthy quest to improve our internal communications and project management at qwerkal, we’ve tangoed with every major project management platform to release or update in the last year. Most of them offer a similar slate of features, and each offers one or two differentiators that will help you manage your business.

Of the four project management tools we tested, each had a learning curve and each proved to be effective. You won’t go wrong with any of these solutions, but one totally kicked butt for us!

Four project management tools that work!

Persona research illustration

Persona research is the process of identifying the correct audience (user persona) for your business and then crafting a message that aligns with their values and solves their pain points. With user personas in hand, your business will possess critical insights that can guide every aspect of your branding and marketing.

What is a user persona?

A user persona is a realistic, fictional person with well-defined interests and motivations. This person represents your audience, the type of person most likely to engage with and benefit from your offering. …

Travis Bragg

Creative Direction | Brand Strategy | Design. I write about entrepreneurship, design, and branding.

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