You talk too much.

Leading well begins with listening well.

Photo by Brenton Clarke

The best leaders are the best learners.

The best learners are the best listeners.

The best listeners come ready with the best questions.

People who only talk about themselves and lead with statements are not only not very fun to be around, but they’re typically not even the smartest person in the room. By talking too much they’ve positioned themselves to learn from only one perspective — their own.

You can’t learn if you can’t listen and you’ll never need to listen if you never ask questions.

What would it look like for you to go a week and not talk about yourself?

But instead

ask questions

and take notes

and listen to the experiences of others?

Can you imagine how much you could learn in just a week’s time?

Can you imagine how many problems could be avoided or overcome if we learned to listen to the stories of others?