I’m Done Pretending SF Tech Is Visionary
Marco Marandiz

Well shit… We just launched our product about 5 days ago. We want to empower creatives and content creators with the ability to do what they love for a living instead of schlepping to some job they hate. Hoping they may get 15 minutes after putting the children to bed to do some painting or video editing before they’re to tired to continue and have to get up and start over the next day.

The issue is, not all of us are wealthy enough to be business philanthropists. Some people like are not cut out to work for others. I’ve had my talents used to enrich many people over the years, yet here I am, still trying to get by..

At some point I decided I needed to do for myself. I started my own business as a freelance contractor, we’re building our own products, in hopes that one day too we can not worry about, “making money.” But in the end every business needs to make money to survive.

If our product enables our market to do what we set out to do, what’s wrong w/ that? If revenue helps us make it better, I don’t see the problem.

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