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I’m going to tell you a story. It’s a true story, it’s my story. When I was in high school, it was a typical Monday afternoon, I got home from school, and the apartment was empty, which was odd.

My mom was usually home or would at least leave a note. Maybe she was out, running an errand.

Surely, she’d be back soon.

As night approaches, I’m distraught, my mind is racing.

What’s happened to my mom?
What’s going on?
Something is wrong.
I’m only 14, and I’m all by myself, alone in our apartment.
I had to make myself dinner, get ready for bed. …

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This is my Florida home.

Hi, contrary to the very popular article, I’m a millennial and own a home. 😱

I also don’t have student loan debt, or car debt because I paid that off. 😱😱

Quick Note: I paid off $26k of student loans in three years, earning an average of $32k/yr.

Since then, my wife and I worked full time, while living below our means to purchase a reasonably priced home based our after tax income. For all other items, we live on a single income. It gives us a long term advantage.

Here’s the secret, you can do it too.

Yes, we live in mid-size Florida city and doesn’t have the same economics, or opportunities as a major city like NYC but we’ve got everything we need. …

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My mother loves butterflies and this story is about being a butterfly.

Time Is Short

It’s July 2019, for the past few months, I’ve known that my mom is dying.

The impact affects everyone around her.

I dread the day that I have to go to her place and walk-in. See her body laying their cold and empty.

I hope I face that day without tears but relief because the journey towards her death has ended. The terrible trouble will be what’s left in her wake. Her mother, my grandmother, whom I call Granny, will have lost a son, a daughter, and a grandson. …

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The easiest mistake to make in your life is overthinking.

With our access to information, you can spend weeks endlessly reading, watching, or consuming.

Overthinking might be the biggest culprit to productivity. Large teams want to brainstorm or have meetings. I don’t even want to know the amount of time spent in meetings. People who overthink will continue to ask for input rather than producing outcomes. This is where thinking turns into overthinking. You’ve probably heard it said, analysis paralysis.

Being an analyst, I always have to look up from my work and do a gut check. Am I going too far into this? What’s the level of effort that I should be putting into this? …

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If you work on a computer, you need to adjust your Key Repeat and Delay Until Repeat. I promise you.

If you are on your computer every day, like me. Saving any amount of time with things you do every day allows you to maximize your productivity.

Personally, I spend a tremendous amount of time on the keyboard.

By adjusting your Key Repeat and Delay Until Repeat, you will save minutes throughout your day, adding up to hours throughout the year. You’re welcome.

The best part is that it only takes 15 seconds to set up.

Mac Users:

— Apple Icon
— System Preferences
— Keyboard
— Adjust Slider
— Close Window
Try it out!

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It’s been 50 years since the moon landing; you’d think that our country could do a better job of coming together to accomplish something great. Instead, we’re busy.

We have no broader vision from our leaders. They are busy fighting amongst themselves.

You’ve got to seek out the right vision amidst the mire.

Enter Bill and Melinda Gates. They have to be the most exceptional example of how we could orient our lives. Sure we don’t have their wealth, but why not partner with experts to tackle pressing issues.

Why not spend our time trying to solve the significant problems?

So, what are the real challenges of the next decade? …

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Part of maturing and growing up is taking responsibility for yourself and your actions. The best thing you can do is to develop more self-discipline. Here’s what I’ve learned over the past few years.

  • Tiny Decisions Matter
  • Being Results-Oriented
  • Examine The Process
  • Small Wins Drive Big Wins

Little Decisions Matter

It’s Saturday morning, as dawn starts to break into your room. You fight to stay asleep but got to use the bathroom. As you roll out of bed, the dog needs to go out. After you let out the dog.

There it is — your first tiny decision.

Do you stay up or go back to bed? …

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You can throw away all your marketing techniques —

  1. SEO/Keyword Strategy
  2. Social media marketing strategy
  3. Email marketing strategy
  4. Text message marketing strategy

All that strategy isn’t much of a plan. If you don’t have a product or service that people want. You haven’t reached product-market fit to use the jargon of the VC crowd.

So, why aren’t your marketing strategies working?

Before we get to the reasons, I think it is beneficial to understand the broader context. We are living in a heavily saturated advertising culture. In short, it’s really freakin’ noisy out there. …

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Capturing your attention. That’s the chief aim of advertising and marketing. Even writing on medium can largely be about curating the right message.

It’s all about the right image, headline and description.

Life is different, we start with nothing and end with nothing. Should we make our life pursuits gaining money and attention?

While you read this, I want you to think about having a million dollars. How would you use it?

That’s enough to live on for 20 years at $50,000 salary. How would you live? What would you do? How would you use it?

Now I want you to consider if you have a million followers. Every time you tweeted, a million people read it. What would you tell them? Does it really matters? Would you use it spead humor, or knowledge? How does having their attention impact your life? …

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Your belief in yourself is the foundation of your career. Can you break down your mental molds and shift into new roles? I believe you can, but it is not easy. Here’s a list of things I wish I knew before getting into web design.

  1. Confidence in yourself.
  2. Stop being jealous of great work.
  3. Learn HTML & CSS ASAP.
  4. Challenges await you, creatively and technically.
  5. Design complete thoughts.
  6. Focus on the narrative. Create stories.
  7. You need to be continually learning.

Confidence in yourself.

Self-belief is at the core of success. Do you know that you can become a web designer? What’s stopping you? If we’re honest, it’s got more to do with you and your excuses. Your reasoning and rationale are stopping you. …


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