Art Agency Assistant

Our agency promotes and represents 17 professional illustrators. We are growing. We also have a fine group of interns working in our program, part time. Recently we started the process of interviewing for an art agency assistant.

In a nutshell, we create illustrations for publishers, advertising agencies and corporate clients. We contract and invoice for the work. We send out personalized emails to potential clients. As the senior agent, I’m currently interviewing for an onsite assistant. The hours can be flexible. The position is currently part time. The studio is located in Goodlettsville, a fifteen minute drive Northwest from downtown Nashville.

Our new hire will be assisting with social media, invoicing, billing, email correspondence, email marketing.

Salary will be based on skill-sets, experience, expertise and is negotiable, with two performance reviews a year.

Please send me an email inquiry about the application process. You can find my email on our website. Thanks.

Travis Foster is a freelance illustrator, illustration agent, cartoonist, husband and dad to four kids. Travis Foster Reps and Cartoon Zoo are both based in Nashville.