Draw an Elephant

Hi. Welcome to this edition of Cartoon Zoo , easy and fun drawing lessons. In this post we will demonstrate how to draw a cartoon elephant with a party hat, with step by step photos. You can also visit our youtube channel to see the video tutorial on how to draw this party elephant. link to the video tutorial.

Our drawing lessons are for all ages, anyone that likes to draw simple and easy cartoons. We like to create simple drawings to build the confidence of the young artist. Recommended ages 4 and up.

Final Black and White Drawing

Here is what the finished drawing will look like. The drawing is created with a Sharpie Fine Point Marker. With the step by step process below.

Artist: Travis Foster, Black and White drawing. Drawing Tutorial, 2017. Cartoon Zoo Drawing Lessons.

Step One

Draw large shape from back left foot to the end of trunk.

Step One. First Line, start on back left foot and end at trunk.

Step Two

Draw line for the front leg and bottom of the feet.

Step Two. Draw front leg and bottom of the feet.

Step Three

Add the shape for the belly and inside portion of legs. Add ear in the center of head.

Step Three. Add box shape for inside legs and belly. Add ear in the center.

Step Four

Add dot eyes, big smile and wrinkles in trunk. With wrinkles in trunk try to draw thin lines.

Step Four, Eyes, big smile and wrinkle lines in trunk.

Step Five

Add tusk, tail, toenails and hat. The final touch is to add small shadow lines under feet.

Step Five. Add tusk, toenails, party hat and tail. Final step is to add shadow lines next to feet.

Congratulations! You can draw an elephant with a party hat. These drawings are fun for greeting cards, party notes, school projects, decorations. Feel free to share this link and video link with family and friends.

Feel free to share photos of your finished drawings with me. My email is travis@travisfoster.com.

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Thank you for joining us for this addition of Cartoon Zoo Drawing Lessons. You can learn more at www.cartoonzoo.club

Travis Foster is a freelance illustrator, illustration agent, cartoonist, husband and dad to four. Travis Foster Reps and Cartoon Zoo are both based in Nashville.