It’s personal

Zero commute. It takes less than 40 seconds to walk from the kitchen up to the studio space, a bonus room above a two car garage. Nothing fancy. It gets the job done. I draw, then scan, photoshop then send image to client. Money shows up in the mailbox. Best career move I’ve ever made is to go with my gut and do the thing I love.

No office, no suit, no pressed shirt. Dress code always Friday casual.

I prefer to work alone, it recharges my batteries. If I can grab six to eight hours alone time in the studio, undisturbed, then I’m ready for an hour or two of social time at night. I’m not big into social, other than some family and close friends.

I prefer email, it’s less intrusive. I can respond as it’s convenient. Phone calls are best when scheduled and kept to as short as possible. I don’t like chit chat or small talk. Know that when we are talking on the phone that I would rather be drawing and creating something.

There are no supervisors here. No one looking over my shoulder. I report to no one. I simply get the job done and turn it in, hopefully ahead of schedule.

People hire me because they saw something on my website that they liked and they would like to create something similar. Not rocket science, but still they call. I love every call. Work is not work. Work is play.

I drew as a kid, for fun. I still draw for fun, but now I see a paycheck.

If I can spend 50 hours a week, alone, in the studio creating, then all is well in my world.

Illustration: Travis Foster,

Travis Foster is a freelance illustrator, illustration agent, cartoonist, husband and dad to four. Travis Foster Reps and Cartoon Zoo are both based in Nashville.

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