List of Happiness

Being grateful. A personal list of things that bring me happiness and a sense of well being. If I do a few of the things on this list on a given day I consider it a good day. Family meal around the dinner table. Intentionally pet my dog. Listen to one of my children and respond with an appreciation. Canoe trip with Sarah. Rock climbing. Turning my compost with a shovel and moving red worms from the compost bin to a raised garden bed. Bike riding. Lifting weights in our outdoor gym staring up into the leaves of a tree. Breathing in fresh air. Walking on a beach. Walking down a lane surrounded by trees and nature. Reading a book to one of my children. Painting with acrylics on a wood panel. Weed eating on our property. Working in the garden on a sunny hot day. Picnic with family. Grill out at our place (preferably red meat) with friends. Glass of red wine. Cold beer with a burger. Picking up carry out for the family (knowing they are all hungry and ready to see Dad with the food). Going to the grocery store. Tomatoes and my love for BLTs. Bacon. Going through a car wash. Drawing. Paying bills early. Receiving complimentary copies of a new book from one of our publishers. Daydreaming. Taking a nap. Long hug from Sarah. Hug from one of my kids. Ice cream. Milkshakes. Picking a tomato from the garden and slicing it while it is still warm from the sun. Being outside and taking in nature. Sunshine. Giant salad. Picnic table and eating outdoors on the screened in deck. Singing a song. Listening to my kids play instruments. Watching my daughters dance. The lawn freshly cut. An avocado. Spaghetti and meat balls. Fresh cut flowers in a vase. Hearing my children laugh. Sarah’s smile. When I hear any of my four kids call for“Dad”

Today will be a great day.