One thing

Squad. This week, one thing. Cartoon Zoo.

Give me one strong idea on how to build the Cartoon Zoo Brand. Send me an email with your idea(s) and suggestions.

We are currently working on driving traffic to the Cartoon Zoo Facebook page. Our goal is to see people start to post captions there instead of my personal facebook page.

At the height of Charles Schulz’s career it is estimated Peanuts was read by 355 million people.

A few inspirational facts from a Time Magazine’s report:

By the 1980s and 1990s, Schulz had acquired a massive personal fortune. As he gave millions away to charity, he was frequently listed by Forbes magazine as one of the highest-paid entertainers in America, alongside Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson. He became the highest-paid and most widely read cartoonist of all time. By 1984, Peanuts had made the Guinness World Records after being syndicated to its 2,000th newspaper. Peanuts, which was read by 355 million people, raked in cash through newspaper licensing, book compilations, merchandising and endorsements.

Cartoon Zoo

My goal with Cartoon Zoo is to create one cartoon gag panel each day, Monday through Saturday. Secondly to build a stable of gifted writers all providing strong captions. Third, build an audience to enjoy the cartoons and captions we create.

What is the best way to build an audience?

Let me know your thoughts.

We recently brought home the first batch of Cartoon Zoo T-Shirts. August 25th, 2016.

I have a vision to come into the studio each morning, create one gag panel cartoon. Then once the cartoon is posted, watch thousands of people compete to write the best caption. All the while, millions of others reading and enjoying the best captions submitted for the single panel gag cartoon. It’s a dream that I hope we make into a reality.

If ever I was wired to do something, it’s to draw cartoons. For me, drawing quirky cartoons and illustration is not work, it’s my play.

Hand Lettered Thank You Notes

One thing that absouletly works to make a lasting impression and show your gratitude. Send a hand written thank you note to your valued clients. Here is a note that I created this morning for one of my favorite Cartoon Zoo writers, Ashley Huttinger. Keep it simple. Small card. Heavy paper stock. Hand lettered envelope. One forever stamp does the trick. To date, Ashley has won six Cartoon Zoo Captions.