What works?

Find your inspiration. Nurture, feed, water, fertilize, give it some time and be patient. Be patient with yourself and the process. Do not rush it, give it time to grow. No need to pull a tomato from the vine before it is ripe. From seed, to a sprout, then a grown plant to the harvest. The goal from the beginning is is to bring home a harvest. Enjoy the fruit of your labor, eat what you’ve grown. Fresh produce served around the family dinner table.

When I consider a children’s book, a concept or before I commit to a children’s book project. My first question, “Would my grandkids enjoy reading this?” If the answer is Yes!, they would love their Grandpa reading this book. Then I run with it. Funny thing, I don’t have grandkids. Yet.

Sarah and I have four kids, 22, 19, 18 and 11. I hope to have grandkids some day. And when I do, I look forward to sharing children’s books together.

Chronicle is a player. I’ve worked with several publishers, some nice ones. Chronicle is running at full throttle and on their A game. The right people in place all working to move books into the public’s hands. Resources, smart people, an experienced team focused on the success of the books. When Ethan and I received the news that Chronicle made us an offer to work together, it was what we had hoped. We dove into making the book, revising and working towards meeting deadline. Melissa was kind to ask us if we had a second book ready to roll when we finished the first. Fast forward. We are now in the process of finishing up the second book. During this process Ethan and I have come up with six additional book outlines, with manuscripts, concept sketches, all six have potential. It’s a synergy that I have not had in the past. It’s an energy that we can build upon. We are in the zone. Together, we have found a flow. Working in our element. I am deeply grateful.

We take it one day at a time. Making the most of the opportunity.

Time to hit the exercise. 5:55 am. Tuesday April 11th, 2017.

Appreciating the daily creative process that makes studio time so enjoyable. Work is my play. Some people enjoy golf, I enjoy making pictures in my art studio. If my illustration can make someone smile, bring a parent and child together, I’m satisfied.

Keeping it simple.

Travis Foster and Ethan Long, Give Me Back My Book! Release date: September 5, 2017.

Travis Foster is a freelance illustrator, illustration agent, cartoonist, children’s book author, husband and dad to four. Travis Foster Reps and Cartoon Zoo are both based in Nashville. Travis hopes to be an awesome Grandpa someday in the near future. :)