When I first started coding my React app, I ran into situations where I had to take a step back and learn the React lifecycle methods before I could proceed.
Before we get started, I want you to know that the latest React versions have determined that some of the older lifecycle methods are unsafe to use and will be deprecated in React 17. In this blog post we will not learn about the soon to be deprecated unsafe lifecycle methods.

What are React lifecycle methods?

You can think of React lifecycle methods as the series of events that happen…


So I have been playing with Firebase with a couple of prototypes and projects for quite some time. I have used React JS for a conference websitethat I co-managed and Polymer for a couple of prototypes that I am currently working on. After coming from using MongoDB and MySQL/PostgreSQL, information structure, storage and retrieval is very different in Firebase than with the two.

There are a lot of sites that explain how to structure data for easy storage and retrieval. The Firebase docs is the best way to start understanding how to structure your data (the old version also has…

This Blog was inspired by one of my beast friends. I asked him what would he write an article about if he had to write a blog and he said he would write it about us, and yea so I decided to write about my best friends for devloping a web app. Now this can go all over the place so im going to try and keep it simple. The first Best friend I would say i have is the React Frame work for javascript. React.js, a comprehensive JavaScript library for building user interfaces, has changed the way we think…

1. Remind yourself how much you have to learn

The first step in learning something is recognizing that you don’t know it. That sounds obvious, but experienced programmers remember how long it took to overcome this personal assumption. Too many computer science students graduate with an arrogant “I know best” bravado, a robust certainty that they know everything and the intense need to prove it to every new work colleague. In other words: Your “I know what I’m doing!” attitude can get in the way of learning anything new.

2. Stop trying to prove yourself right

To become great — not just good — you have to learn from experience. But be careful, experience can teach…


Use an integrated toolchain for the best user and developer experience.

This page describes a few popular React toolchains which help with tasks like:

  • Scaling to many files and components.
  • Using third-party libraries from npm.
  • Detecting common mistakes early.
  • Live-editing CSS and JS in development.
  • Optimizing the output for production.

The toolchains recommended on this page don’t require configuration to get started.

You Might Not Need a Toolchain

If you don’t experience the problems described above or don’t feel comfortable using JavaScript tools yet, consider adding React as a plain<script> tag on an HTML page, optionally with JSX.

This is also the easiest way to integrate…

Good Evening readers this is going to be one of those layd back blogs with mis spellings and free flowing thoughts, like how a blog was intended to be. So I really could not think of something to write of and a thought that came across my head was why cant i just be real with my interviewer. Now you may ask yourself what does he mean by that and the answer is simple, why do i have to “Act ” in an interview. I feel even as a interviewer also puts up a facade of how the company really…

First things first let us understand what Redux is, this will help us understand why someone would want to implement Redux into their app. Let’s compare Redux with the real life scenario of withdrawing money from the bank. Even if you don’t do this often, you’re likely aware of what the process looks like.

You wake up one morning, and head to the bank as quickly as possible. While going to the bank there’s just one intention / action you’ve got in mind i.e WITHDRAW_MONEY. You want to withdraw money from the bank.When you get into the bank, you go…

Some of you may have heard that quote and pondered on what it mean’s and how it could effect your life. I was not initially a fan of this quote because I despise fake people. (That statement is a whole different blog for another day) I recently found my self looking deeper into the meaning of said quote trying to figure out why I despised it so much. After much pondering and thinking outside of my own “box” I began to see it differently. So with a new understanding of the quote and for what the person was trying to…

In this article, I’ll walk you through the process of creating a simple React app and connecting it to a simple Node/Express API that we will also be creating.

The objective here is to give you a practical guide on how to set up and connect the front-end client and the back-end API.

Before we get our hands dirty, make sure you have Node.js running on your machine.

Create the Main Project directory

In your terminal, navigate to a directory where you would like to save your project. Now create a new directory for your project and navigate into it:

mkdir my_awesome_project
cd my_awesome_project

Create a React App


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