People in my age group behave like children when it comes to drinking because the law treats us this way.
My Shady Life as an Underage Drinker
Nick Tucker

Which breeds reckless abuse and behavior in the use of alcohol. Coupled with a lack of appreciation and respect—for both the complete effects of its over-consumption and the complex culture and craft of producing great products and experiences- you have an unhealthy and destructive relationship before even reaching “legal” age.

Enjoyment is not employing a “rush to drunk” agenda. Intoxication is, by definition, a toxic state — one to be aware of, balanced, understood, approached or avoided with care.

I am thankful for those lessons of appreciation, analysis, and enjoyment from my family and friends growing up. To each their own, but a slowly enjoyed craft beer, complex wine, or aged liquor carries a certain privilege and awareness to the drinking experience. You don’t have to be a snob, however, to embrace or spread a healthier alcohol culture.