Following scandal, MLB to make changes too

Tom Brady’s Deflategate scandal won’t just influence the way the NFL deals with future game equipment, it will directly affect other professional sports too.

Major League Baseball announced that beginning this season, clubhouse assistants will be monitored by MLB representatives as they transport game balls from the clubhouse to the field.

When the stash gets low, a MLB security person will be sent to get more.

According to the Associated Press, in the past, a ball boy or ball girl were responsible for the duties.

MLB said they had been discussing changing the way baseballs were handled since December, even before any of the Deflategate saga had commenced.

“Obviously, there’s not as much that you can do to baseballs,” Los Angeles Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson told the AP.

“I mean, you can’t change the density of the baseball at any point — unless you dunk them in water. Then they’re going to be 9 ounces, and everyone’s going to blow their arms out.”

MLB sent a step-by-step desciption of how to handle game balls to each of the thirty MLB teams prior to opening day. Standard MLB baseballs weigh between 5 ounces and 5 1/4 .

The process for baseballs is much different from footballs. MLB has umpires take ahold of game balls once they reach the field and pull them out of their pouch when needed, whereas the NFL has the equipment managers of each team handle balls and pass them along to officials.

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