When ‘Crank That’ debuted when I was first entering high school. The Crank That dance was the most pivotal social interaction of my freshman year. If you didn’t know how to “superman”, you might as well have stayed home during the Friday night school dances. This song was an important social turn point in my adolescent years because it gave me the opportunity to try and have rhythm in public. Although it didn’t work out for me, it still reminds me of the (painful) experience of jumping onto the dance floor when we heard the the familiar “YOOOOUUUUU”.

Soulja boy I tell ‘em
Hey I got a new dance fo you all called the soulja boy
You gotta punch then crank back three times from left to right
(Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh yeeeeaaaah!)

When Chris Brown came out with ‘Run It’, kids in my high school went crazy. Not because he is a lyrical genius or a stand up citizen, but because he was originally from the neighboring county and went to our rival high school. We all tried to ride his celebrity wave claiming we “basically knew him” simply because he was a “country boy from Tappahannock”.

Check it, Check it, Check it out
It’s Santana again
Stepping, Stepping, Stepping out
One of them Brand new big boy toys
I do big boy things
I make big boy noise cuz…

I remember as a kid watching all the ‘Rocky’ movies with my dad. As I got older and began working out, I used to turn on the clip of Rocky running up the stairs to prepare for fight. The theme song, Eye of the Tiger, quickly became my pump up song as well and I would listen to it before my own workouts.

Rising up, back on the street
Did my time, took my chances
Went the distance, now I’m back on my feet
Just a man and his will to survive
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