“Taking a Knee Doesn’t Stop Racism”

The first rebuttal is typically, "They are disrespecting the flag, our national anthem, our country." The second, "Taking a knee doesn’t stop racism." They are absolutely right, and wearing pink doesn’t stop breast cancer.

We wear pink because it raises awareness. That awareness leads to donations. Those donations lead to funded research. That research leads to answers. And at the same time, it leads to hope.

How long have we been fighting to find a cure? Decades. We fight for this because we hate seeing human beings in pain. We hate seeing the ones we love suffer and we will do anything to change that.

Systemic racism, inequality, injusice…this is cancer. And Americans have been fighting decades for this as well. Families are suffering and lives are being lost. Myself and millions fight for this because the people we love are hurting. Even my closest friends are suffering. But we cannot simply donate to change or even inspire hope. It is significantly harder to influence change on this subject than it is for breast cancer.

They tell us, "If you want change, do something about it." And that’s exactly what we are doing. This is our awareness. We are asking you to be human beings. To truly view someone different than you as the same. We are asking you to help us implement this change. We need your help, we need these "donations." We need your voice to be our funding, our hope. That, that is why Colin Kaepernick kneeled.