College Education Value: Twenty years from now

Attending college is more than just the degree or the money, it’s about the people you meet and the exposure to real life. This exemplifies the real value of the diploma you receive when you reach the end. Some people may even go as far to say that college graduation is the best day of their life! Additionally, 86% of Americans who graduated college believe their money and time for their education was worth it.

Financial security is a fundamental thought of the millions of Americans seeking their degrees. The economic case for college is simple: college graduates make more money. The Washington Post explains that “college graduates make over $500,000 more over the course of their lifetimes, on average.” With the recent election of new President Donald Trump, the higher education for many seeking young men and women, numbers are affected. Trump’s new immigration policies allows less immigration and therefore less attendance to universities across the nation. This makes life significantly harder for students who aspire to continue their education. Without the access to America for many immigrants, they will be in a much worse situation 15 years from now than many Americans who have access to higher education.

My biggest goal besides the diploma itself, is to create a large network to carry on later in life. Katie Lessemar from Thought Catalog explains the importance of networking, and that the rest of your life could be determined by talking to a random stranger in a coffee shop. Networking is essential to being successful, in fact 80% of jobs aren’t even advertised, meaning a majority of jobs are either word of mouth or a mutual connection to the employer. “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

CNBC radiates the idea that millennials face a quarter life crises with post college. Due to the lack of excitement showed in the article, it is an eye-opener exemplifying the possibilities for the individuals with the degrees. The lack of expansion and knowledge of the real world can be a concrete explanation of the “quarter life crisis” as explained by Raphael Natividad, a UC Irvine graduate.

Every parent wants their child to succeed, and even more to be happy and healthy. College Board tells us that children of college graduates are healthier and setup to be more successful than the less fortunate children. The experience learned through these 4 years of college education can help the parents of these children guide their students to a successful start, and the genes that are passed down go a long way towards maturity. To go along with the successfulness of the graduates children, taking any opportunity to learn something is beneficial to each and every person on this planet. Strengthening the mind is a challenge that many struggle with, but it is a skill that is improved on during one’s college life. This thinking can be passed down from parent to child in order to help the young ones grow to be even more intelligent young men and women.

When finding the perfect mix of fun and betterment for the self, many aspiring college students should turn to the benefits that will stretch further in life than just a job. The in depth thinking and the time management picked up upon are lifelong skills that will be beneficial for each graduate and the people around them. The importance of a college education is an overwhelmingly underused by the men and women who are aspiring to one day graduate.

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