My Optimal Daily Routine

Fair Warning — I do not follow this routine 100%… yet

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.

It has been shown that daily routines are key to becoming successful and can make a big difference to our mood and productivity throughout the day.

In order to craft your own routine according to your needs and goals, its always nice to see what works for others and mold those habits onto your own daily routine.


5:00AM — Wake up

Waking up can be a pain sometimes, especially this early. What I like to do when I don’t want to get up is to think to myself and ask a sequence of questions that will lead to an inevitable answer.

“What benefit will I gain from sleeping in?”

More sleep.

“But will more sleep make you feel better?”

For the moment, yes.

“True, but will you feel better after you have slept in?”


“Also, will sleeping in help you achieve your goals faster?”


“Ok, now get up.”

5:00 / 5:30AM — Water, breakfast, and exercise

The first thing you should do before doing anything else is to drink a glass of water. Drinking water right after waking up in the morning will wake your body up and get your metabolism running (facts for nerds). Shortly after comes breakfast and exercise.

6:30 / 11:00AM — Light work

This is the time where I start doing work that is essential to my growth, but not critical. My light work consists of topping off buffer posts, job searching, algorithm solving, and Twitter engagement.

Buffer Posts (10 mins~)

Job Searching/Networking (30 mins~)

Algorithm Solving (3 hours~)

Twitter Engagement (20 mins~)

10:05 / 11:55AM— Break

Break time! I do whatever during this hour.


12:00 / 6:00PM — Work mode

This is where the real work begins. I alternate between working on side-projects, the youtube channel, or learning new things. (I’ve been lacking on the youtube…)

Mon/Thu - Side-projects

Tue/Fri - Youtube

Wed/Sat - Learning


6:05 /8:00PM — Read a technical book

Now that you’ve done some work, lets hit you up with some more work! Read any technical book and write a note summarizing each section you learned. Its a nice way to learn something and get some content out at the same time.

8:05 / 9:00PM— Read a non-technical book

You’ve had enough work for the day and don’t want to burden your brain with anymore thinking. So with that in mind — read a book. I’t can be fiction or non-fiction. I prefer self-help books, so thats what I have been reading for the past while now. Take a look at my self-help book list here if you’re interested!

Rinse and repeat and thats my day.

Stay hungry, stay foolish!