Chugging Along, Kinda

Happy Monday, third week in the books and it was not a good one for me and the healthier lifestyle. I may or may not have crashed off of the wagon. I was able to keep up the running for the most part, missed a run, will take care of that later today. Ate fairly well until the weekend came around, but a last minute trip into the woods left me unprepared and under fed in the quality food department. We ate pizza.

Little victories, still no booze, beer, soda, or fast food. However I did pick up an iced vanilla latte and a cookie for the drive home with the kiddos (kind of a tradition when leaving Packwood). If you visit the area be sure to stop by The Mountain Goat Coffee Co., they roast there own and the Packwood blend is fantastic.

I did not weigh myself today, subconsciously intentional I believe, but I was out of time and the scale was in another room, but if I were to wager a guess I am up around 205lbs. I can definitely feel the affects of the garbage in the system after getting of the junk for a bit. So again this week I am working hard to attain a state of ketosis by working the Bulletproof coffee and only eating the healthy stuff at lunch and dinner.

Wish me luck and kick Monday in the nether region!