Down the rabbit trail

After the bike accident I stumbled down a semi sad and physically unhealthy funk. The holidays came around and then I had every excuse to go off the improved health train. I did set a revised goal of finishing the year off under 200lbs. I was able to do that and kept it close and came in at 198.4. In that time I have also journeyed further down the informational side of better health. I am trying to best balance the information overload from the likes of Dave Asprey (bulletproof coffee), Mark Sisson (Primal Blueprint), Tim Ferriss (4 Hour Body), and the like.

I have found myself a fan of the low carb diet and the clean eating. It does present some problems for everyday life and now I feel bad when I feed my kids a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. That aside it does make for a much fitter and thinner self. I weighed in on Wednesday at 193.4lbs. This is the lightest I have been in years, circa 1999 probably. I ran 6 miles back to back days this week, intentionally slow according to the 180-Age=Fat Burning Heart Rate, with pretty much no pain.

So for 2017 on the calendar I have the Mercer Island half marathon in Mach and the Wenatchee Half Marathon in April. The Mercer run is going to be more of a training run for the Wenatchee race where I am actually going to attempt to push myself. Every race prior to this one the goal had been to complete, not to compete. I am not competing with the other racers, I will never hang with those skinny freaks, but compete with a younger me. Can I beat the former self? After I PR in Wenatchee I will then turn my focus to overall health, incorporating more lifting, and trying to build real world strength vs. gym strength.

I will also be participating in Tough Mudder as it rolls back through town and wanted to see if I could sneak in a couple out of town races. Also on my to do list this year is to enter another triathlon. I completed one way back in 2009 or 10, and will look to beat that time as well. Should not be a problem as my overall endurance skills and tolerance for pain over an extended period has improved dramatically. I still don’t look as good as I would like in a Speedo as I would like but there is still time before it is swimsuit season.

Not me obviously, this is my summer spirit animal.

What does your health plan look like for the rest of the year? We all know the gyms will be empty again in two weeks.