The Small Things

Progress is not doing BIG things every once in a while…It’s about doing very small things over and over and over.

Those small things are the make or break. They are the difference between win and fail. They are the lynch pins that makes somebody an expert and that change whole industries.

It’s funny to me how difficult small things can be though. They aren’t flashy. They don’t reward you with a gold star. They can get repetitive and boring. And you can’t see an immediate loss if you just miss a day.

Everybody loves a big project because of the high you get at the end. But I challenge you to look at the details. Look at the repetitive small things you do in your life every day, for those small things are the things that can eventually become bigger than the biggest project.

“Don’t look for big things, just do very small things with great love…the smaller the things, the greater must be our love.” — Mother Teresa