Thank You Athletes?

“Mommy, I want to be just like Adrian Peterson when I grow up!” How many children have said this to their parents since the star running back took the field as a Minnesota Viking in 2007? American football plays a strong role in America’s culture and has a very large, committed following. From marketing, to fantasy leagues and just the game itself, its incredible when you look at the history of the game and how much of a following it’s gained. But, the old saying always goes; “A fat pig can’t fly straight for very long.”

By proxy every professional athlete is a role model. Regardless if they want it or not, being in the public eye and making ungodly amounts of money gives you this uniform to wear for life, even after you retire. Some athletes handle it well some don’t. I would say with confidence that the NFL has the biggest slew of those who don’t handle it well. Whether this is corruption after fame and fortune or before the big show it’s still pathetic to think some of these guys do the things they do off the field.

Where did it all go wrong?

Was the league always this way?

Who or what is to blame?

Without this being a history lesson I just want to really focus on the recent events since they are the most fresh. If I knocked my wife out with a left hook in a casino elevator I would be in jail. If my child was taken to a hospital with slashes on their backside as a result of whipping with a switch I would be in jail. Whether charges would have been pressed by the wife, the mother or legal authorities I wouldn't have a prayer on the matter. It’s morally and legally wrong.

Starting with the Ray Rice story, This guy is a absolute coward for doing what he did. Kind of a cardinal rule; A man should never hit a lady. Mentally they are both whacked from what I have witnessed and read. The fact she defended him, blamed the media and is still standing in his corner she needs her head checked more than he does. I feel sorry for both of them because they are broken people who don’t know any better. The fact they are still together is disturbing.

The way this whole thing was handled was wrong. Short story, is it happened in April. It’s September. The fact it took the public seeing the video to make the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens take action is very disgusting. If TMZ would have went under and that video wouldn't have been released, nothing and I mean nothing would have been done. Half the people in this country wouldn't even know who the hell Ray Rice is. He would still be running his ass of in a Ravens uniform, as a “role-model”.

Then we have Adrian Peterson. One of the most popular players in the NFL and one of the biggest “role-models” to our youth. I have never hugged my child so tight after reading this story once it broke. Probably why I have such a outrage against him now being a father myself. His ignorance and stupidity makes me puke even more. Before I started writing this I read his statement which was officially released this evening. I've never heard so much bull shit in my life. When the story first broke he was quoted saying “This is how I discipline my children” and felt as if he did nothing wrong. This was all before the photos were released. Once the photos reached social media and the story was viral the tides changed. His official statement this evening had statements including:

“ I want everyone to understand how sorry I feel about the hurt I have brought to my child.”

“I never ever intended to harm my son.”

Now correct me if I am wrong but you must have an IQ lower than a dog if you think that using a switch repeatedly on a 4 year old isn't harm to a child. He’s not a father, he is a tyrant. Lets not escape the fact he is a freak athlete and could probably break people in half. Wouldn't the screaming and crying for dear life from the child after the first whip enough information that it might hurt and he should stop?

All the BS about his childhood and upbringing is no excuse for any of this either. I’m so sick of people in this country using their past as a crutch to be stupid. Grow the hell up, open your eyes. If you had a tainted past get over it and make your future bright. If you touch a hot pan you don’t touch one again. If your parents give you a terrible childhood that consisted of constant abuse and negligence why would you rinse and repeat putting your own children through it again?

The whole statement was bullshit. He didn't write it either. I don’t think he is intelligent enough to know what a statement is let alone to write one. A guy that uses a switch on a 4 year old and says he didn't think it would hurt is clearly confused. He got caught and now he is trying to finagle his way out of it all. Sadly, since I started writing this article another story about Peterson broke. One of his other baby-mama’s is pressing charges about a incident in June where his son came back home after being with Peterson with bandages on his head giving the indication of a head blow or a whoopin’ as Peterson put it in a text message.

Does he (Peterson) know any better? Obviously not. In doing some light research it’s unclear exactly how many children he has. Some sources say 7, 8 and more than 10. The number of mothers is also unclear. A 29 year old mobile sperm bank is LOOSE. (as Paul Allen would put it) Peterson also said he disciplined his son(s) how he was disciplined as a child. According to previous statements Peterson always talked about a very rough abusive childhood that he had to go through. If you are abused as a child there is no discipline present, at all! The two never meet. You are either abused or disciplined. One cannot be involved with the other. So with that logic Peterson was never disciplined so how can he say he disciplines his own children?

I don’t believe this is the NFL’s fault. However it doesn't give them the excuse to run their business like a bunch of uneducated idiots. You set bi-laws and you stick with them. The fact a NFL player got suspended a whole year for testing positive with a fraction over the limit of marijuana and Peterson is going to play week 3 boggles my mind. The fact Ray Rice was suspended indefinitely and then a rule was made stating:

first offense domestic violence cases are suspension

second offense is termination

Where was Ray’s first chance? Was his story the first chance and the video the second? There is just no sense how the teams and the NFL have conducted themselves in all of this.

Peterson was suspended for one game and is active for week 3. With a felony charge pending. A charge pending that he admitted to everything. So it’s just a determination what the legal consequences will be. The Vikings and the NFL allowing due process to take place is just silly to me. If a cop is involved in a shooting they are suspended without pay until the case is closed…. maybe suspend the great tyrant Adrian Peterson and wait until due process is completed then make some decisions?

Some people have debated saying would I get fired if I did what Adrian Peterson did? If I was charged with a felony absolutely. But my rebuttal was my work is not nationally televised every week. When I do something great at work it’s not on ESPN’s top 10. Obviously there is a code of conduct and representing who you are and who you work for at all times. But my behavior outside of my work doesn't negatively effect the revenue of my employer therefore my behavior outside of work doesn't jeopardize my job. If I was in a slew of legal trouble that my employer would be aware of I would be on a hot plate and probably terminated. All in all, we cannot compare our lives to those of professional athletes. I am a role-model to my children and maybe a few select others. Professional athletes are role-models to all of their fans. They are constantly being monitored by the media. If they fart in a restaurant someone will tweet about it. How many kids in Minnesota that play football want to be Adrian Peterson and look up to him as a role model? How many will tomorrow?

I don't know what the NFL is ultimately going to do. It seems it’s the only sport with the slew of problems in it’s players. What can the NFL really do? They can’t change people. Although, they do hold the keys to decide who gets the privilege to play in the NFL. Tighten the rules, stick to them and hope for the best.

What do we the mob, the public do? Well, for those of us that are parents just educate your children and discipline them. It’s the children that are educated and disciplined that will grow up being role models by choice not by proxy. The people who conduct themselves with this abusive and lazy “caveman” parenting tactics will seize to exist. This mentality of parenting is old school, it’s clearly a lack of intelligence and eventually these people will die off. Survival of the fittest has more to do with discipline and education than playing in the NFL.

Thank you athletes? Yes thank you for showing us who we shouldn't become.


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