The Rise of The Pitch, the Decline of the Pitch
M.G. Siegler

For an outside point of view I see the same problem with Football and Baseball, both sports have a misogyny point of view. In case of Football we have women playing, yes, but they are shown rather in Lingerie than using a proper uniform to play…. and Baseball?… oh you would say, women play it, but not on the rules of men, they have to play with a bigger, softer ball… then, you got my idea…

And there is Soccer, is a sport where American Women are giving their best, a game that are making parents to pull out the barbies and give girls soccer balls, because the American National team become some sort of pride for them. Well… these last Olympics were really bad, but come on, they best several countries in a sport that seems no man is watching it…

However, other big problem of Football is that become a sport that only American play and they are proud to play, while some other countries wanted to participate, the NFL/NCAA made this the most local sport in the world, how many foreigners play in the NFL? How many of them can go to play coming from a University outside the NCAA? Having a guy form other country trying his chances in the NFL without those requisites is a complete no-no.

NBA had similar rules but they finished opening the door to foreign players when they realized the popularity have the sport around the world, maybe for the local university player is an injustice, but this movement pulled the NBA out of the Americas and end make a lot of popularity in Europe.

And you must accept, hispanic people is rising, afro-american people is rising and also the number of women interested in sports. NFL will fade down when these markets look at the game and see is becoming more and more inaccessible for them.

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