Looking Through Old Job Applications While Applying to New Ones

7. Please write a detailed, inclusive autobiography describing your family and significant life experiences.

“I was born to an unstable single mother, Jennifer, and was placed in foster care while she was in and out of rehabilitation and jail.

I spent six years in three foster homes with New York Children’s Services. Upon graduation from kindergarten, my grandmother could not stand to watch me move around the City boroughs anymore and moved me in with her in New Jersey. However, Jennifer came for me like in previous attempts and moved me into one of her current boyfriend’s homes. This man would discipline his children by undressing them and making them stand in the snow to “think about what they’ve done.” The house lacked heat and the three of us, aged 4, 6 and 7, shared a twin size bed. I remember the social worker picking up the three of us in the middle of the night with our parents nowhere to be found, asking us to take whatever belongings would fit in a shopping bag. I remember the two kids crying, and how I tried to fake tears. I was again placed in foster care with my family, a warm, small, and cohesive family unit tucked between the sand dunes of the Jersey Shore. They had long tried to adopt an orphan from Russia, yet the difficulties and costs ultimately caused them to become a registered foster home in New Jersey. They took me in at age 7 and adopted me at age 10. I have been blessed with the chance to open any door and chase any opportunity, especially because there were people who stepped into my life to create hope where there was little. I believe that everything that I do now is for the glory of God and my family, and therefore, I try to be productive and positive in every moment of the day. I want to make sure that I live my life in a way that radiates the love I’ve been shown so randomly, abundantly and selflessly.”