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If Only LaRuby May Knew

Did she just say “If I knew the answer to stop this senseless crime we would stop and solve it”?

Let’s take a look at the results of our Ward 8 Councilmember’s strategy to combat crime:

  • Boys & Girls Clubhouse #11 — Closed
  • Hart Recreation Center — Closed
  • Orr Recreation Center — Closed
  • Ballou Recreation Center — Closed

There is a direct correlation between poverty and crime. Numerous studies have proven that people who get up and go to work each day are less likely to be among those who commit senseless acts of violence. We know that our community lacks the types of recreational and on the ground mental health resources it needs.

If only she knew…

Over 80% of single-parent households are ran by women. With so many of our fathers jailed, unemployed, and underemployed, it’s imperative that we fully fund mentorship organizations and hold those accountable who have been asleep at the wheel. I have listened and am willing to act on the requests of so many of those who’ve felt left behind.

If only she knew…

There are a number of our returning citizens who have paid their debt to society. Yet, they still can’t find a job and the District’s current laws do little to protect those who are fired when working for one of its contractors. We need those checks and balances back in the Wilson Building.

If only she knew…

We need committed men and women of color back in our schools. What steps have our councilmember taken to reconstitute the Rites of Passage programs? What funds have been allocated for personal and business etiquette training? The District has closed over 30 schools during the last 10 years and has not fully invested in providing career paths for our youth. Yet, we pay about $300/day per youth to house them in DYRS and warehouse them to other states all across the country.

I can go on for days. But the bottom line is that

  • We know that we need a councilmember who understands that “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18.
  • We know that we need a councilmember who is going to #dosomething.
  • We know that on June 14 we have the power to change our communities together.

Are you with us???

In service,

Trayon White

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