Game Plan: Digital Identity for 2019

Focus on Pan-Canadian Trust Framework to become a set of internationally-recognized set of rules for digital identity

  • Focus on simplicity, clarity and logical soundness
  • Shift attention to the international community for broader adoption and ratification (EU, Digital 9, International Standards Organization)

Become the primary focal point for digital identity governance.

  • Create a new ‘digital identity institution’ (it’s more than just technology, it’s about a new way of organizing our institutions)
  • Naturally underpinned by Pan-Canadian Trust Framework — if the rules are right, this ‘institution’ will naturally transcend locally-enacted laws.
  • Endorsed by public sector governance (Joint Councils, Privy Council Office, Deputy Ministers, etc.)
  • Adopted by various authorities (in our case, issuing Letters of Acceptance by Office of Chief Information Officer)

o Supported by DIACC and private sector as appropriate.