Self Sovereign Identity — An Unofficial Generic Icon

After several iterations, I thought I landed on the initial version of ageneric icon to represent self-sovereign identity.

First major iteration of icon for Self Sovereign Identity

After some feedback and input, things got better. This is the later look.

Next Iteration?

And even better…

Maybe final iteration?

Now we have two options for the icon. Both are really great! Now we have a dilemma.

Which to choose? There are concerns about which is ‘friendlier’ and which is easier to spray-paint in times of an emergency. (The vote is out, but I think we will adopt both)

An example of a symbol / icon that was easily applied, recognized and read by search parties after Hurricane Katrina.

‘X’ Marks Your House: Post Hurricane Katrina

What do the Elements Represent?

What do the elements of this icon represent? Here’s an excellent graphic by Gary de Beer that summarizes the explanation of the elements

  • The outer circle represents the boundary of the self sovereign system. Human actors and authorities are outside of this boundary. The system only enables what exists, or what can exist.
  • The inner circle represents a zero-knowledge proof (and selective disclosure). To be truly sovereign, you need a way to present proofs without giving away unnecessary personal information.
  • The three left-hand lines (or gaps, in the later version of the icion) represent the required inputs into the zero-knowledge proof: anchor, authenticity, and agency. Please read my previous post on Triple-A Identity for this detail.
  • Finally, the righthand line (or gap in the later version) represents the outcome of the zero-knowledge proof. The counterparty needs only to know that this proof evaluates to true based on the required anchor, authenticity, and agency.

And super-finally, some more subtle elements:

  • The asymmetry of the logo is intended to represent asymmetric cryptography (public key, private key)
  • The origin of this logo came from the peace symbol, rotated 90 degrees, representing that, in this new order of self-sovereign identity, peace is the ultimate goal.

That’s it for now. Feedback and comments welcome!