Tom Thomson Journal of My Last Spring

Hello everyone,

My Medium presence and blog postings are generally reserved for my professional pursuits and development regarding #digitalidentity

However, on this first day of 2018 I want to make you aware of a not work-related accomplishment that I am very proud of — I published a book!

Tom Thomson Journal of My Last Spring is a historical fiction of a first-person account of a Canadian landscape artist who mysteriously disappears on the waters of Canoe Lake on July 8th, 1917. What began as a social media experiment in 2011, eventually became a book that will be launched in February 2018. You can read how the story developed over the years, here. You can also follow Tom Thomson on Twitter in ‘real-time’ from November 28, 2016 as he paints and inches closer to his ‘real-time’ disappearance (and death) on July 8, 2017.

(My one and only sales plug) If you want to buy a stamped and signed book, before it is generally available from the publisher), you can do so here. I have a rinky-dink ecommerce platform (fulfillment for CAN-US only), so shipping to other countries might be a challenge. If you wish to ship outside CAN-US, please DM me on Twitter first, so we can arrange best shipping.

Let 2018 be an even better year!

Tom Thomson Journal of My Last Spring
Yours truly, the author
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