No Bill, No Break
Gabby Giffords

RE: No Bill, No Break

I am sorry you were the victim of a hateful and mentally ill person. So based on your personal experience, I understand and sympathize with your personal opinions. However as you should know, having been a legislator, our laws and legal systems are based on facts, and our legislators are sworn in to an oath to uphold the law, the constitution, and the people’s Bill of Rights.

Fact one, gun rights are protected by the second amendment of the Bill of Rights, as reaffirmed on multiple occasions by the U.S. Supreme Court. This is settled law, there is no debate to be had. As such, it is congress’ responsibility, per their oath of office, to uphold and protect this civil right of the people. To do otherwise is political theater at best, and certainly grounds for removal from office for violating their oath of office.

Fact two, the 4th and 14th amendments protect the right of due process and put the burden of proof on the government to prove a citizen has violated the law, such that their civil rights should be temporarily be suppressed. An arbitrary government hit list is not due process. Legal issues with these lists are already public knowledge. Edward Kennedy, the esteemed senator, was a terrorist? Case in point. Citizens must have their right to due process protected against intrusions of government that are lacking in legal fact.

Fact three, no law presented thus far, by either Democrats or Republicans, would have changed the outcome of Orlando or any of the other recent mass shootings that have occurred in our country. The Orlando terrorist was not on any government lists at the time he acquired his firearms. He was a licensed security guard, thus given him the right to purchase firearms, having passed previous government checks into his background. At no time did his family or authorities aware of his domestic violence violations, press charges that would have disqualified him from being a security guard, and from having firearms. It is the government’s fault alone, from lack of law enforcement, that allowed Orlando to occur. Many red flags were raised, and they were ignored, as is the case in many of these shootings.

Fact four, criminals don’t obey laws. Any law passed only abridges the rights of those who obey the law. There is no legal or scientific basis that semi-auto rifles are any more deadly than non-semi-automatic weapons. Revolvers, semi-automatic pistols, and shotguns featuring tubular magazines, all have the same killing potential as a semi-automatic rifle. Especially when a criminal has three hours to take his time and assassinate victims, due to law enforcement not stepping in sooner to stop the violence, and the fact that the victims were in a gun-free zone and unable to protect themselves legally.

Fact five, Liberals continue to blame Republicans and the NRA for the lack of gun control action. Yet, Republicans and the NRA stepped up to the plate to attempt to pass legislation that would enact a mandatory 72 hour hold on firearm purchases. The Liberal Democrats voted the measure down. Thus the gun control groups now have no one to blame but themselves. Their selfish intent to ban all firearms, led them to discard any form of compromise, and one that could actually have had an impact on gun violence, by giving the BATF time to investigate firearm transactions. Liberals also like to ignore the fact the NRA is simply a (large) group of Americans, just like the AARP, who organize to protect their rights. It’s no wonder why gun control hasn’t been enacted, it’s because the people reject it, despite Liberal lies to the contrary.

Fact six, the United States has been attacked by terrorism 28 times since 2008 when President Obama took office. We do not need more gun control, we need terrorist control, and we need the executive and legislative branches of government to do their jobs.

Enough with the political theater, and get to work! Or else we the voters will demonstrate at the ballot box what happens to government hacks and blow hard politicians who disrupt the people’s business. We want security. We want good paying jobs. We want lower taxes. We want quality healthcare that is actually affordable. We want social security fully funded. We want our veterans taken care of. We want affordable and effective education. Those are the issues Americans care about. We the voters will hold you accountable.

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