AMAC — Another Step Towards an Autonomous Future

Current Progress

Hardware Included

High Level Scheme

All Implemented Software Modules

Implementation Details

Constructing the Vehicle

Power Budget
3D Print of Electronics Chassis

Drive-by-Wire Communication

Drive-by-Wire zooms

The Software Stack

ROS Modules




URDF Capture
TF Tree
Ackermann Steering


3 Cameras working on one USB port

Software and Visualization


  1. Travis Brashears, Engineering Physics
  2. Philipp Wu, MechE and EECS
  3. Malhar Patel, EECS
  4. Bradley Qu, EECS
  5. Gan Tu, CS
  6. Amanda Chung, Poli-Sci and Journalism
  7. David Yang, MechE
  8. Daniel Shen, MechE
  9. Carl Cante, MechE
  10. Andy Meyers, MechE

Next Steps




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Travis Brashears

Travis Brashears

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