Fuck You, I’m Not A Millennial
Patrick Hipp

This is a very refreshing article. Generational ‘theory’ is nonsense. It’s true that the technological and political era you were raised in does impact your world view. But, as the author demonstrates rather well, technology, macro-economics, and politics aren’t the only or even most important factors at play in human development. Lumping us all into buckets based on arbitrary, calendar-based dividing lines will always, always come to poor conclusions. It’s just another way for people to draw a circle around their in group so the people they are bothered by can safely be defined as ‘other’ and looked down upon. It’s a grand tradition so old, there’s evidence of ‘those damned kids’ mentality in ancient Greek and Roman writing. It was wrong then, and it’s wrong now. The younger generations always look lazy and entitled to their elders because the younger generations are at a different phase of life and the older generations have since forgotten just how lazy and entitled they all were when they were that age. Period. End of story.

I’m apparently the same age as the author and I’m not an f(*$#&% Millennial either. Because no one is.

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