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What are Customers Saying About TRC Multimedia?

TRC Multimedia Reviews

Let’s face it, in today’s world we generally trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family. Find out what real customers are saying about TRC Multimedia.

I am a fastidious customer admittedly. When I pay for a service, I expect to get top quality. When I came to TRC for assistance, I had the same expectations–and the company did not disappoint. From the inception of our relationship, they were professional and had intentional sales and customer support. When I told them that I was new to the world of marketing, they provided meaningful explanations on how I could improve my client-acquisition rate. They worked with me on a mobile approach. They also helped with SEO. The result was a greater number of prospects and conversions. I even had some follow-up questions after our project was closed, and they didn’t hesitate to answer. It’s unfortunate the experience that others are reporting. I could not disagree more. TRC struck me as a professional operation and clearly dedicated to making a change in the lives of business owners. It’s not an easy task, but they definitely met my rigorous standards of excellence. I plan to continue to do marketing business with them in the future.

Xavier S.
 Phoenix, AZ

Awesome work TRC! Love the new logo and design. I can’t wait to start incorporation my new brand into my marketing materials.

John R.
 Seattle, WA

Best price around for the best Quality. The selection is great , the prices are better. I was recently Given this site by a friend and I can’t say that I have seen any other site cheaper. The marketing program is very affordable and very effective. Courage Media re-ordering. One of the many reasons I always come back here is because of their service. I understand others are but hurt or disappointed with a product, but I have been helped a couple times while being patient with them. They acknowledged by situation a couple instances and always followed through quickly with resolving it. Thank you for a very pleasant experience.

Claudia W.
 Miami, FL

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Originally published at on March 20, 2015.