Tulsi is a Rising Star Despite Lies From Biased Media
Scott StandsWithTruth

BTW The Intercept did a belated correction

Editor’s Note: January 25, 2019
 A previous version of this article included a parenthetical sentence about donations to Tulsi Gabbard from individuals with names of Hindu origin, as identified by an expert. The sentence was intended to show Gabbard’s broad base of support in the Hindu-American community, given her standing as the first Hindu in Congress. We did not intend to question the motives of those political donors. We apologize for any such implication, and we have removed the sentence.

I am waiting for Glenn Greenwald to ask the editorial team to publish the name of the “Source/Expert” like he did (rightly) call out CNN & Lanny Davis, most recently in #3 of the top 10 journalistic failures of Russia gate..