How To Learn
Emil Wallner

Great reading list and footnotes, Emil. As a teacher, it is clear that “reflection” best sums the initial needs of the learner so she/he can start to move even the most novel and intangible content into long term memory.

But, let us be mindful of two things: there are multiple stages of mastery from recall of facts to successful application to evaluation and synthesis of ideas, and that meaningful connections within content are important. When learners take on new content, it’s not just good enough to recall them or apply them to a problem. What is necessary is a more concrete problem that is relevant and meaningful to the learner where content application provides a quality solution. That consolidates learning. Ultimately, the learner should be able to compare solutions and describe which is most viable given its context and be able to create solutions for novel problems as they arise.

Thanks again for this post! It helped me reflect on what is necessary for individual learning and growth, and I’ll definitely share with my networks.