VR is a dud
John Biggs

Nice post. I’ve been excited about the interactivity VR offers for so many areas (trying and failing with impunity has so many applications). Personally, I’m more excited about AR, regardless of our current computing power. Here is an analogy to explain why.

Virtualization is good for making lots of instances of something…like virtual machines reproducing a particular environment. That has many useful purposes that VR will exploit, but virtualization does not a reality make.

Rather, we are bound to our physical world, and we will learn to embrace it. Nay, we will be thrilled to augment it and our experiences. The visualizations we can imagine will come to fruition because it makes far more sense and has more immediate usefulness than VR.

Also, to say Google Glass failed is modestly right but mostly wrong. Glass is a prototype that is early to market; it is an introduction to how the future could be. It will return, I’m sure. To your point, it might be imbedded within human physiology, but VR will not replace millions of years of evolution within the next 15 years, i.e. replace human cognition and sensory organs by 2030.

While the singularity is nigh, I don’t think that VR will be the way with jacking in. That’s a whole other conversation. Thanks again for laying out your thoughts and vision for VR. I’m looking forward to an exciting future.