Work That Feels Like Work

Price, Utah.

In 2010 I started reading the blog Heather Morton Art Buyer. She had a feature called “A Year In the Life” which was hugely instructional to me. I was around 21 and had no idea what it was to be a working photographer. Two young guns wrote for a year about what it was like to start out freelancing. True inside looks like that are rare and to this day I still appreciate Grant and Jamie for being so open.

I’ve been thinking about starting a weekly business blog. Really, I just need to be writing more and since I went freelance a few months ago business is all that’s been on my mind. So.

Right now I’m thinking about work that feels like work vs. work that feels like not work.

When I was a staffer at the paper, I knew what my job was. Show up, get good captions, take good photos, submit them before deadline (preferably much earlier than deadline) and get my mileage and time card turned in on time. That was it. Take good pictures, be part of the team.

Now, work is sales calls and marketing and accounting and shooting gigs and following up on potential opportunities and making sure I’m creating opportunities etc etc. What I’m realizing is that not all of that feels like work. Photography feels like work. Editing feels like work. Sending invoices feels like work. Sales? Tracking expenses? Marketing? Even though I know it’s an important part of running a business, it doesn’t feel like work. I don’t know how to get beyond that. I assume it’ll just take time.

This week I’m working more on my marketing game. Getting my Facebook page in order. Looking seriously into Agency Access. Making time for personal projects (read: marketing). I’ll also devote some time to thinking & writing about teaching. Lots of stuff to do.

Here’s the thing, there’s always the time to get done what you want to get done. As long as you have discipline.