Feeling the booze craze fade away, I decided to write, plopped inside what I call a ‘dressed to the 9’s ver. normal and single’ outfit on my bed (I repeat not on a couch-I don’t own one) which might just turn things the other way around and turn this into a ‘good night you’re drunk and ready to sleep’ thing.

So why did I decide to write sans my sanity and dignity?

Was I lured into the whispers of the devil that usually leads me to drunk text people and trap me into a week’s worth of shame?


I decided to write because, I wanted to talk about how I am at my best,drunk, when it comes to honesty.


I have asked this question since I had my first illegal alcoholic beverage. Of course, I have had those incidents when I was involuntarily forced to be honest, mostly with myself. Well, during my underage years, fear was my alcohol.

The fear of getting caught by an authorized figure just struck me, every single time even though I knew that this shall too, pass.

Fear and alcohol what a delight.

It seems as if I had hit a rough patch during my teens but the truth is, some people are just too afraid to face the truth and deal with it. They oblige to whatever that helps them run away from life’s most valuable gift-honesty.

To me who will wake up tomorrow morning still half drunk and exhausted :

Try considering taking a dose of ‘courage’ next time. Otherwise the drunk/scared you will keep on burning down your life, publicly or even worse privately.

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