The struggles of an underachieving go-getter : #Love

In primary school, I shocked my mother and her friend by openly announcing my budding relationship with my P.E. instructor. I managed to fill in the holes by subtly reminding everyone that I was still willingly, involved with my soon to be ex-boyfriend 1 year my junior. As soon as I had finished talking, they cracked up and asked for a full description of this handsome instructor.

What they did not see coming was 15 years (plus alpha) worth of struggle that this girl was about to go through. My mother and her friend should have been upfront with the situation, tackling down the very first important issue : timing. Simply put, it’s pure logic that 6 year olds are way too young for a mature adult. Sadly timing does not only have to do with the age difference between two people, but the actual point in life things happen to you.

Over the past 15 years, I have been putting myself out there and passionately pursued my love interests who I fell for, at the wrong time and place. ‘Hopeless Romantic’ is such a wrong word to describe people like me. We, in fact, are nothing, nada without hope. We thrive on hope. Hope is our mantra, the foundation and prime motivator when it comes to love. Hope is what drives us to pursue people that fate viciously keeps us in an arm’s length away from them.

Deranged teenage boys who look down to girls with braces, math prodigies with their noses trapped inside heavy textbooks, beautiful men I met during my temporary stay abroad and again beautiful men who were here in my country temporarily. Whatever you name this ability to pick men that appear in your life at the wrong time, I have to say that I had so much hope for every one of them.

Such hope has left me with an archive of several romantic comedy flashbacks dans real life settings. Surprisingly, my soon to be 22 year old self is oblivious to the hurtful memories and still seems capable of maintaining the ‘gone is the past, what’s done is done’ attitude.

I may have been an underachieving go-getter so far but who knows? All of the struggles I had been through may suddenly start to pay off in the coming year. I will cross my fingers and keep my hopes up.

P.S. To all the girls who feel that 2015 has been like a crazy, spontaneous, self-assured but self-conscious at the same time, exotic on-and-off boyfriend, I wish you all happy new year.