Don’t settle

I can't understand why we settle, we settle for a job we don't like, we settle for things and we settle for people and relationships.

You cant find a job, so you settle for the first one, even though you hate it and it makes you miserable. People settle in relationships all the time... 
I cant get why some people don't want to be alone so they will settle on the first person that comes along, afraid they wont find someone else.

I have friends who are beautiful, smart, kind and funny, settling for dirt bags, with no jobs, living off of them, while they are at work, these guys are sitting in their homes, eating their food, doing nothing to help out, really are you kidding me?

Or the woman who lets a lying, cheating man back over and over, getting hurt every time. Do you not have a mirror? Do you not see your value like I do? Do you not see this incredible women you are? Why are you settling?

Same goes for men, yes I know good looking, rich, smart men who stay in a relationship where they are miserable, mistreated and belittled, again why? Why do they insist to keep going back when they know nothing changes when nothing changes?

They have so much love to give, they are great dad's, great son's, terrific friends, why do they not know their own self worth? You need to wake up and see what we see, you need to know its okay to be alone than to be in a relationship that your dying in, trust me happiness is so much better.

Yes, its scary out there, dating sucks and some nights its lonely but the peace you feel inside is worth it all, if you truly have the one for you, it will be a fifty fifty relationship, you will not be put down, taken advantage of, lied to or cheated on.

They will build you up, tell you you can do anything, they will be your biggest cheerleader, they will be there for you to tell your secrets to, to depend on.
You will feel loved and you will do the same for them and if they are not, they are not the one, move on, get out, start over!

For most of us this is the second half of our lives, most of us have lost loved ones, I for one, have lost too many and it makes it very real, that this time is precious and way too short to be unhappy.

It could be over tomorrow and here you spent the last year, 10 years, 20 years being unhappy, really? Not me!
I want to live each day like its my last, I want this peace and joy I feel at this moment to last a lifetime. If I get to share this with a wonderful man that would incredible, but I refuse to settle, I will be alone for the rest of my life rather than settle.

That's a bold statement your thinking, yes, it is but if you felt the peace and joy I feel and then have it taken away like I have had, you would realize that you will do anything to get it back!

So, today my friends I tell you that I will not be settling and neither should you, look in the mirror, see what I see, know your worth and except nothing less than you deserve, live is too short!

Fill your life with people you love and who love you, improve yourself, get interests and hobbies, volunteer, exercise, find new friends but fill it with things that make you happy! Always remember how many people love you and will be there for you, take the step to be happy with yourself and never settle.

"Be the change you want to see"
"And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over...he turned into a beautiful butterfly"

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