Get over yourself

I tell you all the time, you have choices in this life, you get to chose who you are, what you call yourself, where you are going and at any moment you can change anything.

So when I tell you to get over your self, I mean it in the nicest possible way. See your are not the only person in the world who had a bad life, who had a drunk for a parent, who was put up for adoption, who got beat by their parents. Your not the only person who has had a lousy childhood, who was raped or had a abusive marriage....Fill in the blanks with your own sob story!

We all had terrible things happened to us, but its what we do afterwards that counts, that really matters. Are you still singing the same song? Woo, poor me I am a victim! I can never have or do any better because ....(insert your sob story) that is why I am like this, nothing good will ever happen to me, this is what my life is destine to be.

Or are you like me and say, hey this.... (insert your sob story) happened to me (read my blogs you will see my own sob story)
but this doesn't define who I am, this is not a crutch I use all my life to say I cant do this or because of this event I am limited. You don't get to blame your parents or others all your life because of what happened to you, at some point you need to take responsibility that your going nowhere because you choose to stay stuck.
I chose to change my life, I chose to not let my knock downs and failures define me.

Or you can choose to say, this event has made me stronger and better, it has taught me to dig down deeper, even when I was at rock bottom, it has taught me to pull out the good and to never give up, to keep fighting to change!

I would never, yes I mean never, change what happened in my life
(No, not even the rape!) because these events turned me into a survivor.
I know I can get through anything with God's help! 
I may be down but I will never be out! So bring it on, I will still be smiling, I will still be giving thanks for all the other great things in my life! I will continue to look for the lessons I am suppose to learn.

So today my friends, how do you see yourself "Oh poor me" or "Hell, no I am a survivor" the choice is yours, choose wisely.

"Be the change you want to see"
"And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over...he turned into a beautiful butterfly"

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