Its all about the chemistry

It's funny, how sometimes you look at a couple and you think how did that happen? 
Beyonce and Jay-Z, some people ask what the hell does she see in him? Angela Joelle and Billy Bob really? She's the most beautiful woman on earth she could have her pick of any handsome man?
Heidi Klum and Seal? Wth?

I could go on and on with what we presume to be odd matches but what we don't know is the chemistry that brought these people together.

Chemistry is an amazing thing, its a connecter, it makes logic get thrown out the window, it takes "types" and makes them a thing of the past. It will knock you for a loop and change your outlook on things you thought were your priorities.

But what we don't get to see is how does that person treat the other person, is he always there for them? Does he let her be herself without judgment? Is he kind and romantic? Does he have a big heart and puts her first? 
Chemistry can go along way to overcome alot of our pre conceived notions of what we are searching for.
If we let it, if we are not caught up with the "perfect person" Whatever that means...

I have lots of girlfriends that when we sit around looking at dating profiles they will go...nope, not, definitely not, nah, not happening and I always ask why.
Too tall, not tall enough, not good looking enough, too much of a pretty boy, too heavy, too skinny, doesnt make enough, not big enough job title, too young, too old, never been married, been married too many times....hundreds of reasons because they dont meet the certain criteria they have built up in their minds.

I remember when I first got divorced I didn't care what a man did, how much he made or how tall he was (Ok, as long as I could wear heels and he was taller, than me, which you'd almost have to be a small person not to be taller than me! This was a huge issue with my ex husband, me wearing heels)

My list included must be caring, sweet, have a good heart. As long as you weren't a liar, cheater, narcissistic, control freak we were good.

I want to find that "monkey love" as my cousin Carol calls it, where you can't wait to see them, to touch them, to be in their arms, that just the thought of them brings you to a frenzy.

I wanted to see more into a mans heart and soul, I wanted more than good looks and a fancy title, I've had the money and fancy life and I was misrable.
I want substance, a real man that isn't afriad to show his feelings, to love me for me and to step up finally.

So today my friends, I am here to tell you that you never know what someone has with another person, that connection, that spark, that amazing chemistry that is undeniable, that will even make you forget all about your lists because its all about the chemistry.

"Be the change you want to see"
"And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over...he turned into a beautiful butterfly"

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