Its hard to be the better person

I write this blog from personal experiences, things I've been through, things I am learning, things I still need to learn.

I write in hopes that someone, somewhere will be going through the same things and maybe just maybe my words will inspire them.
Sometimes though, I write this blog as a note to myself, to tell myself what I need to hear and if it helps others...bonus plan!

Since I've been divorced the last 3 amazing years,
 all I've been praying for,
 is for my ex to change his ways, for us to have a civil relationship, at least for my girls sake. As we are always going to be in each others lives, they connect us for life, like it or not.

Yes, I know a lot of you still cant get past the part where I said I pray for him but I have.
Yes, even after all he did, after all the hurt, all the verbal abuse, after it all...

I keep telling you forgiveness is not for them, its for you and the prayers are for my girls, that he may change the way he speaks and interacts with them. 
Its also for us to get along as these amazing children are from both of us and this connects us.

We have lots of events coming up, prom, college admissions, graduation, moving to college, one day marriage and grandchildren. We are going to have to be together and like it or not, that is reality.

I have two choices I can be angry and bitter for the rest of my life, I can hate him and call him dirty words. (That was my Grandmother and I swore it would never be me)
 Or I can forgive him, pray for him and move on.

I get to chose my life and I chose the second, so last night at my very last open house I will be attending,
I chose the high road.

I said hello, I asked about the family and at first he didn't even acknowledge me. 
But hey I tried and believe me it was no skin off my ass if he didn't want to respond but I thought..
get over it, really grow up already, I left you, I didn't hurt you for years, I grew a pair and I left. Its been 3 years, move on, let it go already!

When all of sudden on the way to the next class he started to talk to me, can you picture the surprise on my face? Yeah you can...

We actually walked from class to class together talking about the girls their futures and his family. 
Are we friends? I wouldn't go that far but I did give a thanks to God for at least this.

Look people its a choice, its your choice you can hate your ex, put your kids in a hurtful place, make them pick sides, screw them up for life or you can put it aside, forgive and be at peace with the place your at right now and make the best of it.

Look is it easy? Oh hell no...when I hear him go on and on and on and takes me right back there but then I remember I am free, I have an incredible life now and I hope he has one as well.
 But this is not for me, its not for you, it's for your children and I know if I can do anything to make it better for my girls, I am going to do it.

So today my friends remember, its a choice... your choice but your choice effects a lot of people, so chose wisely... I know its hard to be the better person but do it anyway.

"Be the change you want to see"
"And just when the caterpillar thought his life over...he turned into a beautiful butterfly"

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