Living in the dry places of life

There are times in your life when your doing all the right things, your listening to God but nothing is happening, your going through hard times, everyone is coming at you and you think God is not there.

There are times your enemies will see you at this place, where your frustrated and confused and they think you are out for the count...
See but God uses these dry places to produce the most amazing things in your life.

God will use your enemies for your benefit. 
There are times when God will allow you to escape your enemies and your enemies will flip out when they realize they can no longer use you!
Because God has opened your eyes, but because your not at the place you think you should be at, you start to question, to have doubts.

Some the stuff your going through isn't the enemy coming at you, it is all orchestrated by God.
God pushes you into something that is dry because out of that dryness God will produce greatness.

You ask why am I struggling with this man, that I thought he was the one? Why I am at this job I hate? Why did you bring me here, just to leave me?

When you are at that place, you need a word of encouragement, ask someone who will encourage you to not be afraid, someone who will tell you to stand firm and you will see what the lord will bring you today.

God is telling you there is something coming, something so amazing that you will never believe that is coming but......
You have to go through it... through the hard times, through the dry places to get to the amazing place that is there is for you.

The lord will fight for you, you need only to be still...stay calm...
Gods got this...

What are you looking at? The stuff that is coming at you? The problems?
Or do you look ahead, have faith and know God will take care of this.

If you believe the enemy is always at you you might become complacent and dissatisfied.
Sometimes God will use your enemies for his and your own good!

Remain calm because there is a fighter in you, stay calm when they slander your name, stay calm when they walk out of your life, stay calm when things are against you. When your back is against the wall, it is then you will come out fighting.

Never underestimate the fighter in you, know you have the best trainer in the world, you got this.
Stay calm in the middle of the storm!
Don't waste time trying to convince the nah sayers, there will always be haters.
They will push you out of your comfort zone into a place of battle so you your faith can take you to a higher place.

You need to come out and fight the fight bloody, you need to be down on the ground, getting dirty to know you beat them, to know your a fighter, your a survivor.

Its in those dry places when God will show you.. because you've gone there because you didnt go back, because you fought back.
Because you held on to your faith, that he will show you the amazing things he has for you.

There may be times you don't like the path your on, you want to go back to a place you were comfortable in...your sick of the tough times, you don't want to fight. 
Going back to your past is never your only option, your past is there for you to look back and say look how far I've come!

There are 3 things you need to win this fight, just 3 and you will always come out the winner.

Fear not!
Stand still!
Open your eyes..
Then watch God work things out!

So today my friends remember this battle is not yours, its the lords...
This too shall pass...
Stand tall in your faith...
Use them all if you have to but never give up, never lose you faith, even in the dryest of places...he is always working for your good.

"Be the change you want to see"
"And just when the caterpillar thought his life over...he turned into a beautiful butterfly"

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