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I am determined

If you read my blogs you know I am a gym rat, I write this blog every day, 5 days a week while I am on this treadmill, hense the name Treadmill Treats.

But if you read it, you also know I am human, as far from perfect as one can get but I am determined. I am determined about everything in my life but sometimes I get off track, life happens and sometimes I slack. I know your shocked right? During the hoildays, I was so crazy working 12 hour days, not feeling like myself, tired and sluggish (I wonder why? Duh!)

I still came to the gym but I was just showing up, you know that feeling, your there but your not putting in 100%.
And while the actually hoildays came I took off for a week and slept in...oh okay shoot me!

But with the new year I had enough of feeling bad, the extra antipasto weight and this half ass attempt of being here and so I got determined again.

I started the year off with the Daniel fast with my church, which kicked it off, then I decided to start to add yoga into the mix again because I feel like it will help not only my body but my mind as well.

I am swimming one day a week and bike riding one or two days. I started weight watchers because I want to be more conscious of what I am putting into my mouth and how much ( You have no idea how much you eat, until you get conscious of it, it's amazing)

Yes, I am determined to look and feel better, look I am not getting any younger, I have no idea how much more time I have here but whatever time I am blessed with, it will be with health, in a healthy state of mind, feeling good about myself.

I laugh at myself at times when I set a deadline or a goal for myself I get determined to do it, from finishing the rehab job on my new home in a month, to finishing my 498 page book on a date, to stop smoking, to doing a triathlon (Okay that shit was crazy! Even for me)

When I say that's it, watch out because beast mode comes out, don't ever try to tell me I can't do something because I will not sleep nights to prove you wrong. Oh yes, I was that kid that did I dare you, no matter what it was, your not daring me!

It's a crazy determination that comes out, I am not quitting,
I will work 18 hours a day but you watch me I'm doing it.

Friends ask me all the time how do I work 3 jobs, they couldn't do it, yes you can, if your determined to pay your mortgage or put food on your table, you get determined real fast.

My biggest goal besides the triathlon for me was just making it on my own, I had an unstoppable determination to show my ex his words meant nothing, that yes, I can take care of myself and my girls, that, hey look I am something without you. That I got this, watch me, watch me fly beyond even what I thought I could do, see that has been my biggest accomplishment.

So today my friends, maybe you don't think you can do it, get out of a bad marriage and take care of yourself, maybe you don't believe you can lose weight and feel healthy, maybe you don't think you can start that business, change careers, whatever it is your thinking you can't do, I am here to tell you you can, you got this.

There is no difference between me and you, I am no better...I am just determined, so try it today, get sick and tired of being sick and tired and then make a change, get determined and watch your life change!

"Be the change you want to see"
"And just when the caterpillar thought his life over...he turned into a beautiful butterfly"

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