Thursday Treadmill Treats

Times change, sometimes people dont

Ever wonder about someone from your past? An old friend, a past love and think whatever happened to them? Did they accomplish their dreams or goals? Where are they now? Who did they become?

People grow and change, sometimes for the better, sometimes into someone we no longer know or like.

If your lucky enough, to one day to be able to run back into that person and then find out who they have become and when you realize that they are actually exactly who you remembered them to be, that is an amazing thing.

That you still like the same music, you get the same jokes, you can still talk about anything and everything for hours. That you can bear your soul to that person and know that they would never hurt you. That they really care about you and your feelings, they respect your opinions, they are good with the fact that even though you might have physically changed they know who you are in your soul and know that is what counts the most.

I have been blessed with that experience recently, to catch up with someone from my past and yes, it was all of that and more.

And yes, I was shocked that he was the same but then I realized, a even a better version of the person I remembered.

He had grown and changed into a man, yet he still had so many of the wonderful qualities of the boy I remembered.

Funny how time seems to stand still, how one memory brings hundreds flooding back, how one song will put you right back to years before yet sometimes it's that memory your holding on to, it's not the person you see in front of you.

I remember that happened when I finally reunited with my childhood sweetheart,
I kept holding on to the memories but he was no longer the boy I remembered, he had changed or maybe I had changed and grew but whatever it was, we weren't the same people I wished we were, that I kept dreaming about. We were different and the memories needed to be just that, memories. It broke my heart because I so wanted it to be what I had built it up in my head but I finally had to admit it would never be like that and I had to let that fantasy go.

I am happy to say that it wasn't the case this time, even though the memories were great, the man he became was even greater.

We had both grew and changed, we were both on the same page with so many things, we had the same beliefs and dreams, we knew that the memories of a person are sometimes not real and it's not realistic to believe that person is the same.

Life changes us... broken hearts, hurts, sorrows, success, goals, dreams, disappointments, all of these things that we go through in a lifetime make us into who we are now.
The question is are you better from all these things? Did you learn the lessons? Or are you bitter and angry, holding on to all of it. All of that turns you into who you are really are today.

So today my friends, remember sometimes the memory you hold onto is not the same person today and sometimes if your lucky, it turns out to be an even better version and a even better memory.

"Be the change you want to see"
"And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over...he turned into a beautiful butterfly"

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