My hometown always, Ny

Last week I went home and these are my blogs from there, hope you enjoy.

I am blessed again to be able to come back home and spend time with my friend who took me on the cruise and met me in North Carolina. There is nothing and no where like home.

Being home brings back so many great memories for me growing up in the best of both worlds, in the mountains of upstate and yet close enough to New York city to always get some action.

I was lucky enough to ride dirt bikes, shoot guns, fish and hike the mountains ending up at incredible waterfalls and lakes. The cool breeze at night, the stars, the fireflys, camp fires, keg parties and knowing everyones name...
Growing up in the country gave me an amazing adventurous childhood.

Growing up with a mom and dad that were true New Yorkers gave me the best of both worlds, they taught me to appreciate the ballet, Broadway shows, the fast pace, the lights, the action, the shopping and of course the acceptance of different people, cultures and food.

I thought I wanted the fast pace, big lifestyle. I wanted the fancy house, the big vacations, the designer clothes, I didnt want to be a "redneck county girl"
But as I got older I realized all that wasnt better, shinier doesnt mean substance, all that glitters isn't gold.

I learned to appreciate the small things, the things that didnt cost, the real value of Gods beauty. Real people, with real hearts that care about who you truly are and not what you have or the title you have behind your name.

I learned that I missed the mountains and the slow pace of country living, I missed people knowing my name and I missed who I truly was all those years ago.

So I am back here today and I appreciate what I have and what it took to get me to this point of my life.
How I had to go through things, to grow and change. How I had to let go of pre conceived notions of what I thought life was "supposed to look like"
To know that this is what life is, a series of ups and downs, lessons and heartbreaks and maybe...just maybe finding love in the unlikeliest places.

So today my friends, remember you might have a idea of what and where your suppose to go in life but if your open to change, amazing things can and will happen to you, just look at me.

"Be the change you want to see"
"And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over...he turned into a beautiful butterfly"

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